What is Counselling and why is it so helpful?

Counselling is a TALKING THERAPY, the aim of which is to bring about effective change or enhance well being. It is an opportunity to stop and pause, to catch your breath for a moment and consider how your life could be different or more fulfilling.

Often people are carrying burdens they cannot resolve, the burden becomes a worry and eventually you can become immersed in feelings or situations that seem to have power over you, it can reach a point where you feel overwhelmed and cannot see a way forward.

In the safety of a respectful, trusted and open relationship the process of describing your difficulties can begin and a sense of clarity and reason can emerge.

The Counsellor role is to help you to understand yourself, to become aware of how you operate in relationship with others and the familiar patterns and thoughts that are occurring in your everyday life. By gaining this wider perception it is possible to make choices that were previously unavailable to you. The realisation that choice is available often empowers people to make changes in life that result in a more fulfilled lifestyle.