About Us

During our early years from 1997 we were located in Banners Gate and moved to our current premises in 2005 having become a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2003 and a Registered Charity in 2004.

This enabled us to expand and we are now open for 5 day sessions and 1 evening session a week. There are 4 counsellors present at each session enabling a potential of 80 counselling appointments per week. Altogether we currently have 29 counsellors and 12 receptionists with others providing administrative support. All of our staff are volunteers.

Our counsellors use a Person Centred/Integrative counselling approach and treat all of our clients with dignity and respect, regardless of sex, race, religion, colour, economic status or beliefs.
Your counsellor will be alongside you as you discover the changes you may wish to make and any feedback or comments from clients are welcomed and important to us.


Our Trustees have full responsibility for the overall running of the centre and to ensure all of the centres obligations are met. The Operations Committee consisting of counsellors and receptionists deliver the professional side of the service under the Director.


  • We offer an accessible and affordable counselling service and as a Registered Charity we are non-profit making. Essential running costs for our service are met by regular weekly client contibutions.

  • We ask for a registration fee of £10 for the first visit which is an introduction to your counselling. Thereafter we ask for £20 for each successive session, however if this presents difficulties for you we are always happy to negotiate if you would like to talk to us about your circumstances.
    We are keen to ensure that nobody is disadvantaged.

  • Those paying tax credits are asked to Gift Aid their contributions. As a Registered Charity the Government will pay an additional 25 pence for every £1 you contribute, which helps us significantly.

Should you wish to make a contribution, please visit the Contact page.

I’m less anxious, sleeping better, you helped me see my wife’s point of view – my tension has reduced & I can talk calmly with her now. It’s helped me see a new way forward to rebuild my life.

I feel more confident about my abilities and strengths.
I am now looking forward to my future and have many things to live for.

I want to take this experience to get back on my feet and now look for a new job – the old me is back! My issues were not trivial and I have been able to open up to my family and manage relationships at work better.

The counsellor was very professional, helpfull and understanding.
A relief to talk to someone without being judged.

Banners Gate Counselling Centre

The people were all very warm and approachable and made me feel welcome from day one.

Banners Gate Counselling Centre

I am now able to step back and look at things more rationally.
It was an excellent service and has helped me more than I could have hoped for.

Banners Gate Counselling Centre

I don’t need to feel guilty about things I shouldn’t feel guilty about and it helped me to deal with difficult relationships. I’ve come to terms with my grief. A very caring service.